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Fable 3 + ALL DLC repack DamnedSider (R.G.Games)
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Fable 3 + ALL DLC Damned Sider
2016-05-09 12:20:18 GMT

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Fable III version + ALL DLC 

Repack by R.G.Games


Game version:
Voice and Subtitles Language : English and Russian
no GFWL required
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Update link to =

DLC Included:
Inquisitor Pack
Traitor's Keep
Understone Quest
Free Weapons
Dog Outfit
Highlander Tattoo Set
Female Highlander Outfit
Male Highlander Outfit
Dye Pack
Industrial Knight Outfit
Industrial Knight Outfit
Red Setter Dog Potion
Five Star Dog Potion
Hair Pack, Free Yule Hat
Dog Breed Set
Free Soldier Outfit
Collector's Edition In-Game Content
The Shardborne Sword
Swirlwing Tattoo Set
Clockwork Tattoo Set
The Champion Hammer & Balance Tattoo
Absolver Hammer & Dragonbreath Tattoo
Inquisitor Sword & Industrial Tattoo



Run setup.exe after you download Fable 3 
turn off Antivirus to aviod install errors 
after you install Fable 3 add exception to your firewall program (Eset,Malwarebytes etc.) --otherwise Antivirus "eat"  your crack and then check your carantene to restore your crack.

Run always Launcher.exe as administrator

"I add this torrent beacuse i was tired how repackers promissing DLC and when you download and istall none of these are inside your Fable"


I was a little suspicious of this torrent at first, but it downloaded and installed without a hitch.
Not all of the DLC is showing up for me, but more than I was getting with any other version, and I tried elamigos and skidrows as well. I'm going to keep fiddling with this version to see if I can get around the glitch (which googling seems to indicate is a problem with the base game, not the crack) and if I figure it out I'll comment again. Excellent upload anyway. :)
Thx for comment yea that glitch is the base game problem i tried 6 cracks to figure it out :D note-- sometimes 1 or 2 dlc not showing up beacuse of code problem of dlcs anyway have fun
Can you tell me which of the cracks made the DLCs work? ´please send a link
how do i get this game to give me english language instead of russian? i can't read a thing.
Works great mostly. I only got the Setter Dog Potion, Time Potion, Five Star Dog Potion, Summon Creatures Spell DLC as gifts right after entering Mistpeak. The Bowerstone Guard Suit, Dog Suit, and Highlander Women's suit arrived after leaving Mistpeak. I haven't gotten any others yet. The whole reason I wanted the DLC was primarily for the Industrial Knight Armor and Dye Pack ;/ Has anyone gotten those 2 to work? Has anyone else experienced the DLC come in groups and has anyone gotten all of them to work? I've tried many torrents including Skidrow where the DLC didn't work so I'm happy at least ome of them do, just not the ones I care about.
Guy's i have problem.
When i try to load game, it say's that there's missing downloadable content.
Any way to fix that?
Working smoothly. I only have a single problem. Why can't I rename anything? I hate going around with an unnamed dog, unnamed weapons, I can't rename my children (that bothers me the most).
It doesn't even work, waste of time. I followed exactly the steps, only to the end to tell me that it needs the disc to be inserted.
Just another comment by me. I just want to say that this is WORKING, I just forgot to disable the antivirus before the install and allow the torrent's files through firewall and detection. Many thanks for this, finally one torrent that works!
"KeigoPL på 2016-08-08 18:16 CET:
Guy's i have problem.
When i try to load game, it say's that there's missing downloadable content.
Any way to fix that?"

This happened to me, but i got it working by running the video options app first and "re-detecting settings" then running launcher as admin.

dunno why, but it worked perfectly after that
downloaded torrent and my IOBit Malware fighter found Trojan.Generic in paul.dll use caution when downloading, other than that works fine at the moment (does not mean it is safe or unsafe)
Opened the fable 3 after the file was quarantined and cannot get it to work anymore. Will not be trying again
No disc inserted.
Please insert the original "Fable 3" CD/DVD

This is the error that comes up when trying to launch the game after install just like the other Fable III torrent...This is beyond bullshit..both of the uploads have the same shitty error...Fuck these downloads, fuck u and fuck the bullshit comments saying the game works as is...NOT TRUE....ERROR..worthless download
The comment I made was not cool..I am sorry...this one works folks...the only best one...sorry for what i said bro...goood torrent..i feel like a jackass lol
Link to is blocked by norton and there seems to be no work around
Works: Yes
DLC: Yes, as far as I can tell. No, and the link doesn't work either.

Trying to find a solution that has the update included, but my hopes aren't high.
Not all of the DLC work, the 5 star dog potion for example. Which sucks because out of all the DLC that one the only one that had a function. Maybe a trainer will do.
I was skeptical due to all the negative comments, but I've been playing for a couple of hours and I've not encountered any problems yet. Win 10 64bit. Just run the game and launcher as administrator.
DLC seems to work, I'm not sure when or how to get everything, but after getting to the snow place and getting the Sanctuary the 5 star dog potion and 2 other things was there to receive.
How do I change the language? I can't read Russian, but I found the language settings in the options menu, but it doesn't change, and when I restart the game it's set back to Russian.
Just to be clear of my issue:
I have the game installed, as per instructions. I used the update, and the game opens and runs perfectly. Audio is in English (made a character to try it) but all menu options and subtitles are in Russian. I can't read anything. I know where the Language option is in the game options, but if I change it to supposedly English, it stays Russian, even after restarting the game.
Ignore that. I'm dumb, I didn't notice during the installation it had 2 selections for Language, and one was set to Russian for the game text. So that's more my stupidity. So far the game works, but after Mistpeak Village I only got a couple of the DLC stuff. I'll play more and find out if it's just because of my progress.
Alright it's official, the DLC DOES work. I uninstalled the game, Rebooted, and reinstalled entirely. MAKING SURE to select English for both Audio AND text this time. after finishing up in Mistpeak Dweller camp, and heading to Brightwall, you will get all of the DLC. The first set appears when you enter the Village which are several dog potions, and the rest appears as you leave Mistpeak.