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Princess Maker 5
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Princess Maker 5

- JAP (With English translations)


Princess Maker 5 is a Japanese life simulation game by the computer 

game and anime production company Gainax. The player in this game is a retired hero 

of a human realm parallel to the modern world. The daughter is a girl from a royal 

heritage, and one of many candidates to assume the role of princess. However, 

following the assassinations of the other candidates, she became the target as 

well. As her protector, the player is tasked with taking care of the daughter until 

she reaches the age of 18. Everything you do will influence how the child grows up, 

everything from jobs to schooling all depend on how you raise her. You get to 

choose her name, birth date, and blood type. This is a Tamagotchi game basically.


1. Install

2. Play


Is the translation 100%?
Unfortunately it is not however the translation is about 75% completed as of now and the torrent comes with the translations installed. I have played this game for several days and I can say that most of the untranslated text won't ruin the game for you :)
So are the story completely translated?
I don't think the story is entirely translated even though it's not that heavy on story. However, if you still want to translate the remaining text I recommend Chiitrans2.
1. Install Princess Maker 5 and put Chiitrans2 anywhere you seem fit (like the desktop).
2. Open Chiitrans2 and click "Click here to start".
3. Click "Browse" and go to where you installed the game and click pm5.exe.
-Keep AGTH key blank and make sure it says "Run through AGTH" at the bottom. If not, change it.
4. Check "Fix game locale". and press OK.
5. play like normal.

Even though it translate some weird things at times (usually in the main menu and load/save menu) it works quite well. However, it uses online translators such as Google Translate. If you want to change and add active translators click the third button from the left at the top of Chiitrans2. :)
Please help the game keeps freezing at the beginning of the third year after the fight
How to "install"? Does it have to be in a specific folder or heading? Attempted a simple extract of files from the *.rar and then running the exe file, all I got was a untranslated mess of an error message.